PEOBRiCS offers a wide range of Solution suitable to different
Industries and Types of Customers

Geo Tracking Application: Solution for Vehicle and People Tracking
Using GPS Device and Smart Phones    Details    Brochure

Mobile Workforce: Solution for Mobile Workforce like Sales, Services
and Delivery Operations    Details    Brochure

Transport: Vehicle and Operation Management for Goods, Service,
Passenger and Rental Vehicle and Equipments    Details    Brochure

Manufacturing: Solution covering various aspects of Manufacturing
and other related activities and Accounts    Details    Brochure

Sales and Distribution: Solution for Lead and Sales Management
with Distribution, Inventory and Accounts    Details    Brochure

Retail: Solution for Shops and Restaurant with Point of Sales
Purchase, Inventory and Accounts    Details    Brochure

The Solutions are delivered in the following mode:
PEOBRiCS Enterprise: Fully Customized Solution to meet the exact
requirements of the Enterprise    Details    Brochure

PEOBRiCS Lite: Packaged Solution for SME in the Manufacturing,
Sales and Distribution and Retail Sector    Details    Brochure

PEOBRiCS OnDemand: Ready to Use Solution on Demand for
Transport and Mobile Workforce Operations    Details    Brochure