Transport Management

Track and Manage Goods Delivery Vehicles, Service Vehicles, Rental
Vehicles and Equipments using GPS Tracking device, Receive Delivery
and Service Instructions and Update Status using Mobile Applications,
Manage Delivery and Service Request through Web based Applications
and Geo Spatial GIS Control Centers.

* View the exact Location of the Delivery/Service Location
* Find the nearest Vehicle to a Given Location for the Request
* Assign the Request and send an Alert to the Vehicle
* Know when the Vehicle Reaches or Leaves the given Location
* Know the stoppage Time of the Vehicle at different Locations
* Receive Status Update from the Mobile Person with the Vehicle
* Schedule Vehicles and Reserve Seats and Issue Tickets
* Create the Bill/Ticket using a Mobile Terminal and get the Data
* Monitor and Execute Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Activities
* Track the Delivery/Service Status and Alerts through GIS Dashboard

PEOBRiCS offers Transport Solution for:

Goods and Delivery Vehicle Operators

Service Vehicle Operators

Rental Vehicle and Equipment Operators

Passenger Vehicle Operators

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