PEOBRiCS OnDemand offers ready to use applications OnDemand with Limited Upfront Investments and Monthly or Quarterly Subscriptions.

* No Server IT infrastructure required
* Only internet enabled PC/Laptop is required to use the Solutions
* Easy to Use with Minimum Training Requirement
* Multiple plans to Choose from as per Requirements
* Subscription based on Number of Vehicles, Assets and People
* Pay as you use the Solutions to better Manage your Business
* Comprehensive User Support to Effectively Utilize the Solution

PEOBRiCS OnDemand Solution is Targeted to Organizations and Individuals for Tracking, Transport and Mobile Workforce Application. The following Solutions are offred:

* Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring
* Vehicle Management - Goods, Service and Rental
* People Tracking and Monitoring
* Mobile Sales Force Management
* Mobile Service and Delivery Operation

on three Subscription Plans to meet different Customer Requirements depending on Functionalities, Reporting and Controls as follows:

* Gold Plan - Extensive Functionalities with online unlimited Reporting
* Silver Plan - Medium Functionalities with Unlimited Batch Reporting
* Bronze Plan - Basic Functionalities with Limited Batch Reporting

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