PEOBRiCS Lite is Easy to use Industry Specific end to end solution with pre-configured features and multi-user capabilities designed for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Manufacturing, Retail and Sales and Distribution Sectors.

* No high level IT Infrastructure Required
* Simple Template driven Implementation
* Pre-configured Tax rates and other Statutory Information
* Standard Training provided with each implementation
* Multiple Roles and Access Control to different Users
* Simple Web based Intuitive Screens for quick understanding
* Access from anywhere with Internet and Static IP
* Concurrent Multi-User System

The Lite Solution is suitable for Organizations trying to Implement Standard Processes with growing Business and number of Customers. The Lite Solution is a fully Integrated System where all Business Functions including Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Manufacturing, Order Processing and Financials can seamlessly exchange information based on the requirement. Multiple Dashboards are present specific to Roles and Access Rights by which the Business Status can be closely Monitored.

The Lite Solution is Reasonably priced with Rapid Implementation for Small and Medium Enterprises to rollout an End to End Solution with limited IT Trained Resources.

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