Project Initialization: Detailed project schedule outlining various activities required as per the project scope and both PEOBRiCS and customer resources is assigned to each task with clear responsibilities to meet the project objectives and ensure that the project is completed according to schedule.
Project Management: The Project is managed jointly by PEOBRiCS and the Customer's Project Manager. All required activities are planned, assigned and tracked to completion. Any deviation from the project schedule is highlighted early and alternate plans worked out to minimize adverse impact on the project.

Development Services
Solution / Gap Definition: A complete solution gap analysis is done to meet the Customer's requirement in respect to the PEOBRiCS solution's functional specification. This identifies the Application Gaps and also defines the new components required.
Solution Design: Depending on the Customer Solution requirement and Gap Analysis an end to end solution is designed and accepted by the customer to define the Functional requirement for the project.
System Development: As per the accepted solution gap the application screens, reports and processes are customized and new application components developed to meet the solution requirement.
System Evaluation: The Developed solution is evaluated by the designated Customer user against the accepted solution and gap and any fine tuning required is recorded and accepted.
System Closure: The solution fine tuning is completed and reviewed with the designated Customer user to close and accept the solution for implementation.

Implementation Services
System Release: The accepted solution is released in the customer's environment. The environment to be ready and installed by the Customer before this stage for PEOBRiCS to install the system.
Consulting: Required technical and functional consulting is provided to implement and best utilize the solution for the Customer's business. The system setup for training and user acceptance is also carried out.
Training and User Acceptance: Required training and documentation is provided by PEOBRiCS. The Customer is required to provide all the infrastructure to carry out the training at the Customer site. The users then carries out the user acceptance test to accept the system as per the test cases.
Data Migration and System Setup: Data Migration and Setup is carried out for the master and setup data as part of the Implementation. PEOBRiCS shall provide templates to be filled up by the customer.

Move to Production and Support: After user acceptance test and resolution of all the critical issues the system is moved to production and user support provided as per Warranty and Annual Maintenance Terms.