Platform and Access Manager

The Component required by all PEOBRiCS Applications that connects to different databases and environments. The Access Manager also manages the Organizations and Users with options to define roles, hierarchy and access to application components.

Document Manager

The component allows users to attach documents to system transactions and provides advanced facilities for document searching and retrieval. The Document Manager further allows users to generate reports in Word and Excel formats to allow for easier data analysis.

Event and Alert Manager

This component can set up Events and Alerts and configure them to activate upon meeting the trigger conditions based on time, amount, ratio and other factors of system data. It also handles subscription and delivery of Alerts through the system, email or SMS.

Integration Manager

The component Imports and Exports data in multiple formats including XML, Text, csv, xls and other standard formats. It connects to external databases and supported data sources, allowing users the option to integrate PEOBRiCS Applications with other applications.

Work Flow and Process Manager

The component allows the applications to trigger various work flow activities such as Notifications, back-end update, new transaction, approval, etc. depending on various data status and conditions. It connect to other components to manage complete work flow process.

Report Manager

The component handles Report Configuration, Access and Delivery functions for all reports for PEOBRiCS Applications. It also allows user defined customization of Report Titles and data filtering as per various application parameters.